The Blueprint For Resolving Autoimmune Disorders

Treating Hormone Imbalances

This report outlines things your doctor likely doesn’t know about treating autoimmune disorders.

As scary as this sounds, it is unfortunately true that many doctors (and even some specialists) don’t know how to treat autoimmune disorders effectively.

Doctors all over the world are telling patients suffering from autoimmune disorders that “your labs are normal” or “there is nothing more we can do.”

Many individuals without proper guidance and solutions feel stuck, but this guide will open your eyes to the real reasons for your immune health struggles and what to do next.


This Essential Guide Will Show You…

  • HOW chronic inflammation is a driving force in autoimmune disease;

  • WHY common medical advice often fails to address the root cause of autoimmune disorders (and why most PCPs and rheumatologists are ill-prepared to address your concerns);

  • HOW environmental toxins such as mold, pollution, pesticides, plastics, etc. are triggers for autoimmune disease;

  • WHICH lifestyle factors promote chronic inflammation;

  • HOW functional healthcare finds the root causes of autoimmune disease and uses a complete approach to address environmental triggers and immune imbalances, reducing chronic inflammation, and boosting your immune system.

Meet David Ward, DC, MS, ATC

David Ward, DC, MS, ATC

Dr. David Ward is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and Board-certified Athletic Trainer with a Master of Science Degree in Sport Health Science. He has completed extensive post-doctorate education with a focus on Functional Health and uses an approach that includes teaching lifestyle-based strategies for the restoration and maintenance of health and prevention of disease. He is a certified ReCODE 2.0 practitioner of the Bredesen Protocol™, which is a comprehensive, personalized program designed to support brain health for those at risk for cognitive decline.

Dr. Ward’s passion for helping individuals with complex health conditions was born out of his own health challenges. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at age 17, he floundered within the conventional medical paradigm, experiencing a number of severe flare ups and short-lived remissions. It was only after discovering a Functional Health approach that he was able to attained long-term remission. Dr. Ward often says, “Conventional medicine kept me alive, but a functional healthcare approach gave me my life back.”

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